Missions(San D'oria)This is a featured page

1-1 Smash the Orcish Scouts

Hunt Orcs lurking outside San d'Oria and bring back one of their axes.

1. Talk to a San d'Oria Mission Starter for a cut-scene to start the mission.
2. Obtain an Orcish Axe from a Orcish Fodder.
3. Return to San d'Oria and trade the axe to any of the San d'Oria Mission Starters to complete the mission.

1-2 Bat Hunt

Exterminate bats from King Ranperre's Tomb, and bring back proof of your deeds.

1. Talk to a San d'Oria Mission Starter to start the mission.
2. Go to King Ranperre's Tomb (H-11 in East Ronfaure).
3. Make your way to the Tombstone at H-10/I-10 and select it for a cut-scene.
4.Defeat Ding Bats till you obtain Orcish Mail Scales (Rare/Ex) Ding Bats that spawn between 18:00-6:00 Vana'diel time.
4. Return to San d'Oria and trade the scales to any of the San d'Oria Mission Starters to complete the mission.

1-3 Save the Children

Rescue the children held captive in the Orcish camp in Ghelsba Outpost.

1. Talk to a San d'Oria Mission Starter to start the mission.
2. Go to the Cathedral in North Sandoria and talk to the priest NPC; Arnau for a cut-scene.
3. Head to Ghelsba Outpost (northwest corner in West Ronfureand) and proceed to the hut at G-9.
4. Select the Door and enter the Save the Children BCNM. Defeat the Orc NMs to receive Orc Hut key (key time)
5. Select the Door again for a cut-scene.
6. Return to San d'Oria and talk to a San d'Oria Mission Starter to complete the mission.

San d'Oria Rank 2, 1000gil

2-1 The Rescue Drill

Participate in the Temple Knights' rescue drill out on La Theine Plateau.

You will need more Rank Points to accept this mission, trade a certain number of crystal untill you are allowed the mission

1. Talk to a San d'Oria Mission Starter to start the mission.
2. The mission is to receive rescue training in Ordelles, a dungeon in the La Theine Plateau. La Theine Plateau is located at the southwest corner of West Ronfure.
When you reach La Theine Plateau, follow the trail to the south until you see a soldier on your left side. He will point you to the direction of Ordelles. On the way, you'll see several other soldiers while going down the path. Talk to them. You'll find out that a soldier called Ruillont is missing. There are tough monsters on the way, so try to avoid any fighting.
3. Enter Ordelle's Caves.
4. Go to the pool at H-3 and talk to Ruillont he is hiding behind a rock. One of the soldiers has the sword (it's random which soldier has it).
5. Return to La Theine Plateau and talk to the guards, find what one has it.
6. Return to Ordelle's Caves and trade the Bronze Sword to Ruillont.
7. Return to La Theine Plateau and talk to Vicorpasse, to receive the key item Rescue Training Certificate.
8. Return to San d'Oria and talk a San d'Oria Mission Starter to complete the mission.

2-2 The Davoi Report

Retrieve the latest scouting report from the Temple Knight scout somewhere in Davoi.

1. Talk to a San d'Oria Mission Starter to start the mission. (This mission may be skipped, as he will offer you to do mission 5 and mission 6.)
2. Go to Davoi and talk to Zantaviat just inside the entrance, behind a tree. (To get to Davoi, you have to go through Jugner Forest (northeast of La Theine Plains) )
3. Heaed to the small pond at J-8, youll see a "!" select it to obtain the key item Lost Document.
4. Return and talk to Zantaviat again, he will exchange the Lost Document for the key item Temple Knights' Davoi Report.
5. Return to San d'Oria and talk to a San d'Oria Mission Starter.
6. Go to the Cathedral in North San d'Oria. Head up to the third floor and select the Papal Chambers door this will complete the mission.

2-3 Journey Abroad

Visit the faraway nations of Bastok and Windurst and receive official recognition as an adventurer.

PT Lv 24~

To receive this mission, talk to Endracion. You can skip mission 5 if you like.
After talking to Endracion, you'll have to go into the Castle in North Sandoria to talk to Halver. He will explain the whole mission. You'll have to travel to both Bastok and Windurst's Sandoria embassy to do a task. The task you choose to do first will make a difference on what the 2nd task is.

To go to Bastok, you'll go from West Ronfure -> La Theine -> Valkurm Dunes -> Highlands -> North Gustaburg -> South Gustaburg. The Sandoria embassy is located in the Metal Works area. Talk to the ambassador to receive this part of the mission.
After a long scene, go to the President's office to talk to Pium. And then, go to the Eatery to talk to Grohm. Before heading out, buy some more "pickaxes" (you received one from Grohm, but you 'll need more. Around 3-4) in the item shop in Bastok Mine. Buy a map of Palborough Mines in Bastok Market as well.
Now, go to Palborough Mines. It is located in North Gustaburg's north east corner. After entering, go to F7 in the map. you'll find a spot where you can do some digging. Trade the "pickaxe" to that spot. You may fail a few times, so keep trying until you get an item.
After getting the item, go to the 2nd level to the middle of the the map by going around the right side of the map. You'll see a machine with a lid and a lever. Trade the item you got to the lid, and then pull the lever.
Continue the path to the left side of the map, around and back to the area under the machine. You'll see a lever there too. Pull it and receive an item. Go back to the embassy and trade that item to the embassador.

After finishing the Bastok portion of the mission, go travel to Windurst's San d'Oria embassy. To go to Windurst, you'll have to go to Selbina to take a ship (100 gil) to Mhaura. From there, go to Buburimu -> Tarongi -> East Sartabarta -> Windurst. After talking to the people in the San d'Oria embassy, head to the Heaven's Tower (in WindWalls). Teleport to the inside of the tower and receive a key to be used in Giddeus. Try to get into a party (if you're not already in one) at this point, as you're ready to fight the Windurst Dragon.
Head to West Sartabarta, and go to the west most point. You'll enter Giddeus. (Don't forget to buy a map first). The Dragon's location is in G12 of the map (south west corner). Inside, you'll find a burning circle. Prepare for battle there, and go in together with your party! (Note - alliances will be broken up here)
Since this mission is the same for all nations, you can mix and match players from different countries to do it.
After the battle, just report back to the Sandoria embassy and back to Halver (in the Sandoria castle).

Ranking 3 3000 gills

3-1 Infiltrate Davoi

The scout in Davoi needs the help of an adventurer.

Solo Lv 28 - PT Lv 24 -

To receive Mission 7, talk to Endracion. And then go to the Sandoria castle (the courtyard) to talk to the prince. You will see a cutscene when meeting him

Go to Davoi (like in mission 5), and go to map location G-8 to find Quemaricond near the bridge.
If he says "I'm sure I came in through this way..." Click on him again, till he says "What? I apologize, but I am in quite a hurry..." He will then go on, and give you the report.
After that, go back to the prince to report. And then talk to Endracion again to finish the mission.

Note if you do this mission again it changes....

You do not have to talk to the prince, and you dont talk to the npc scout.
Talk to the npc close to the zone (the one you talked to in mission Davoi report).
He will tell you to get 3 block codes, east, west and north. These block codes are !'s, and they're positions are: L-8, K-7 and J-7.
When you get all of them, talk to the npc near the zone again.
After that, head over to sandy, and talk to a guard.

3-2 The Crystal Spring

Catch a crystal bass from Crystwater Spring, located on the eastern edge of Jugner Forest.

Solo Lv 24 - PT Lv 20 -

To receive Mission 8, talk to Endracion. To finish this mission is simple: bring him the "Crystal Bass". If you prefer to fish it yourself, go to Jugner forest and go to the Spring at the east side of the map. (Beware of Bogys at night)

Or, you can buy it from bazaars around the world.

After trading the fish to him, go to Sandoria castle to watch a cutscene. And then go to the north west of the castle (garden) and talk to the NPC there. And you will finish this mission.

(unless your fishin still is high skip it, unless you can buy a crystal bass for someone of AH)

3-3 Appointment to Jeuno

Head to the Embassy of San d'Oria in Jeuno to fill your appointed post.

Solo Lv 42 -/- PT Lv 35
(Lv 35 preferred, as the bats inside will not autoattack)
(this missions is the same for each town)

Talk to your town's leader to obtain this mission, they will direct you to their embassy in Jeuno (Ru'lude Gardens).

(Note - Don't forget to get maps!! The map of Qufim can be bought for 3000 gil across from Low Jeuno's auction house. To receive the map of Delfutt tower, you have exchange a Kaiser sword (drops from Weapons in Qufim) for it by doing a quest in Port Jeuno; Imasuke who stands at the enter to qufim.)

There are 10 floors in Delfutt Tower divided in 3 parts linked by teleport devices. Magic users beware - make sure there are no Magic Pot/Elements around when using magic as they will be attracted. After getting to the top floor, fight the NM giant called "Phyporion". It will drop 6 Delkfutt keys each, so if you have an alliance, you'll have to wait for it to regenerate and fight it again (10 mins).

When everybody in the party has a key, trade it to the elevator (H-8). Finally head to the tunnel to the east walk down a 9 flights of stairs down to the first floor. You will be in the basement.

There are 3 rooms for each respective nations (M-7, M-8, N-9). In each one is the Ambassador. After a cut scene, you're ready to leave the area. Go to the tunnel in that very same area and walk down a very long stairs down to the first floor

Go back to your towns embassy in jeuno to finish

Ranking 4 5000 gil
4-1~4-3 Magicite

Seize the three types of magicite from Davoi, Beadeaux, and Castle Oztroja to prevent the Shadow Lord's return.

PT Lv 40 -

In this mission, the objective is to get the 3 magicites in the beastmen cities: Davoi, Beadeaux, Oztroja, to prevent the resurrection of the Shadow Lord. The 3 parts can be done in different order. A full party of lv 40 players should be able to finish this mission, and lv 35 is the minimum level to attempt this mission (unless there is a big alliance with lv 50s to lead. This is because if there are less than 35 level players around, they will aggro weak enemies and can very well create massive links)

Before the 3 parts, some preparations need to be done...

1) Head to Ru'Lude Gardens and talk to your Ambassador for a Ducial Audience pass

2) Go to the building in the north of Rulude Gardens in Jeuno and see the Duke. He will give you a letter to Aldo, head of the Tenshodo.

3) In order to see Aldo, you can either do a quest, or just go to the Auction House to buy the Invitation (or get it off someone else in your pty, for they will get it back after they show it) Go to the room at the left of the Low Jeuno Auction House. At the entrance, trade the Invitation to Ghebl Damonohe to become a member.

4) Go into the door at the end of the room, and you'll be able to see Aldo inside. Talk to Aldo and receive the "silver bell"

5) After talking to Aldo, go to the person next to the door to Aldo's room (Sattal-Mansa). Talk to him and he'll offer a quest to get 2 items to exchange for items needed to enter the magicite room in Beadeaux.

6) Buy the "meat of Coeurl" in bazaars. If you can not find any for sale, you can fight Coeurls in Meriphataud for them.

7) Go to Upper Jeuno, close to the Armor shop, and find "Baudin ". Trade the meat of Coeurl to him to get an item to get into the magicite room in Davoi.

8) Go to Upper Jeuno and find "Paya-Sabya". Talk to him and see the event.

9) Go to Low Jeuno's goblin shop and talk
to "Muckvix". You'll receive the item to go to the magicite room in Oztroja.

After all the preparations are done, head to the 3 places to retrieve the magicites! A few notes:

1. The Davoi location is G-7 in the map. You may not enter the barrier if you're fighting Orcs at that time. Clean up the area before entering.

2. The Beadeaux location is I-7 of the 2nd map. The two items needed are dropped by NM quadavs located in F6 and I10 of the 1st map. You'll have to report back to Sattal-Mansa to get a special item to enter the Magicite room!
The 1st NM you can "pull" down from the upper ledge. He is left of the main chamber when you first get in. He should drop 2-3 Divination Shell per death (respawns every 10 mins or so).
The 2nd NM you must go by the Mute and Afflictor machines. The mute will silence you if you get close. Normally this would be very had but in this case you WANT TO GET silenced. Once silenced run past the Afflictor - if you aren't silenced when going past the Afflicor you will get weakened. At the top ledge find the 2nd NM it will drop Quadav Charms.

3. The location of the Magicite room in Oztroja is G10 of the basement floor. To reach there, head to the upper right corner in the first map J-8 (trigger the left lever to open the door). For the 2nd map, head to the top left corner. After passing an outdoor area, head to the bottom left corner of the next map to reach the Magicite room.

After receiving all 3 magicites, report back to the Jeuno Lord and Sandoria Embassy
Rank 5, Airship Pass and 10000 gil
5-1 The Ruins of Fei'Yin

This mission involves travelling to Fei'Yin, located on the Beaucedine Glacier. Visit Chateau d'Oraguille to learn more.

Talk to your hometown Mission NPC

(Note- Since you need to head to Fei'Yin for the Warp II scroll quest "Curses, Foiled A-Golem" from Shantotto, Windurst Walls, you might as well activate that quest before going.)

When your alliance is ready head to San D'oria and exit to East Ronfaure. In Ranguemont Pass you will be told that this is a ONE WAY trip so make sure you have either teleport, Warp or a warp scroll. If you don't have a map head north east to L-4.

For the first part of the Warp II scroll head to the bottom of the tower at I-7. Head to Fei'Yin Tower at J-5.

At Fei'Yin Tower finish the Warp II scroll quest at F-6 (bottom floor) then head to the burning circle on K-9 of the first floor (where you entered). If you dont have a map just head east and south as much as possible. There are MANY MANY things that go aggressive to magic here. On the other hand, you only need SNEAK to run by EVERYTHING in this tower.

The boss is a NM skeleton with a weak mob of 6-8 minions. There is a level cap of 50 for the boss and only 6 people (one party) can enter at a time. However, you can help out when completed.

Go back to your hometown to finish this mission
5-2 The Shadow Lord

Head to Castle Zvahl in Xarcabard. Visit Chateau d'Oraguille to learn more.

PT of lv57+

Talk to Your Mission NPC

Everybody should buy a couple silent oils, and in addition, fighters should buy several hipotions, and mages should buy several yagudo drinks.

Castle Zvahl is located in Xarbacard. Go west from the vars crystal and you'll reach there in a very short time. You may aggro some Evil Eye or Demons along the way, but do not worry, just run into the entrance.

After entering Zvahl Bailey, you have to work your way to the west in the first map. The monsters over there are not strong, so go ahead and fight along the way if aggroed (you can walk behind Evil Eyes (if high enough level, if not, sneak) and Demons and not get caught). When you see the first crossroad, don't go through the middle (dead end). Go around the left or the right road.

From the 2nd map, cast invisi and go through the area to the west again (look at the map and see how). If you reach the "Quadav Region", cast sneak instead. After this map, you will reach Zvahl Keep.

At this point, just keep fighting when you see any enemies. In the first map, find your way to the top of the map. In the 2nd map, find your way to the west exit of the map.

You should have reached a series of teleport devices. Be careful of the demons, but you should be able to get behind them and not get detected. After the last teleport, just run to the west exit of the map. Don't worry about demons/eyes that get aggroed and head to the zone line. Open the door and exit.

You have reached the the final area. Rest your HP and MP to the max, and gather in front of the door. When you enter, you'll see an event and the fight begins.

There are 2 forms of Shadow Lord.
His HP is about 10,000 for the first stage and about 4000 in his second stage.

When you enter the room, do not fight Shadow Lord first. Cast your prefight spells (protect/shell/etc) and eat your power up food. At the beginning of the fight, have a main fighter attract all the attention, with that fighter use his 2 hour skill. All the mages go up the stairs and start curing (with the main focus on the main taunter).

When Shadow Lord enters its invincible mode (you'll see the fighters doing only 0 damage), the mages should start firing damage spells (preferably ancient spells). If out of MP, use yagudo drinks, or even use the black mage 2 hour skill to continue bombing. When the invincible mode is over, the magic attacker should rest MP. The rest of the fight should not be a problem.

After the first form of Shadow Lord is beaten, you'll see an event. After the event, fighters use the silent oil, and the mages can use silent oil or sneak. After that, rest the HP and MP. Be careful if sneak is about to be wear out!

When everybody is in full health and ready to fight, everybody come in close to fight the 2nd form of shadow lord!!

In this form, all Shadow Lord does is a wide area attack. All mages should simply use their curega spells. All fighters should activate their 2 hour skill and use their strongest weapon skill whenever they can (no renkei). Shadow Lord should be killed rather easily in this mode.

After defeating Shadow Lord and watched the event, just go back to Sandoria castle and report.
Rank 6 and 20000 gil
Access to Dynamis (Base Cities)
6-1 Leaute's Last Wishes

This mission involves the late Queen Leaute. Visit Monarlais Halver in Chateau d'Oraguille to learn more.

You will need more Rank Points to acquire this mission; you do this by turning in stacks of crystals.

If you havent before check the Great Hall door in Chateau d'Oraguille for an ending cut-scene from 5-2.

1. Talk to a San d'Oria Mission Starter for a cut-scene to start this mission.
2. Talk to Halver in Chateau d'Oraguille, then check the Great Hall door for a cut-scene.
3. Head to G-7 in Altepa Western Desert you will find a ???.
4. When ready check the ??? to spawn a NM Cactaur.
It does 1000 needles, so depending on your body count, it will do more or less damage. If you only have few people up front, it will only damage them, but badly. If you have a lot of people up front, it will damage all, but less bad. E.g, you have 8 melees up front, 1000 needles will do 1000/8=125 damage to everyone.
This fight can comfortably be done by about 10-15 people lvl55 and above.

5. After defeating the NM, touch the "???" again to receive your Dreamrose.
6. Return to San d'Oria and talk to Halver, in the Chateau d'Oraguille.
7. Go toward the garden at F-8 for a cut-scene.
6-2 Ranperre's Final Rest

Prince Trion seeks an adventurer. Find the prince in his chamber to learn more.

After accepting the mission, talk to Prince Trion.
You are sent to King Ranperre's Tomb.
Head to H-8 on the first map and touch the door.
This will trigger 3 skeleton type NMs.
Depending on your strategy, you might want to put sneak on before spawning them to pull them one by one. It is possible to take them on at the same time if you have a strong alliance, but the safe way is definitely to pull them one by one.

Not a lot of notes on this fight, they act like normal skeletons, I think it's two Black Mage types and a fighter, so keep them silenced if you want to avoid -ga spells and keep Curaga's handy for Black Cloud. Easy fight overall. If you pull them one by one, you can get away with 6-10 people lvl60+.

After defeating them, touch the door again to receive a key item. Take this to Prince Trion.
After the cutscene, talk to a gate guard. They will tell you the deciphering of the book will take a while.
Wait about 10 real life hours and talk to Prince Trion again.
Go back to King Ranperre's Tomb to touch the door once more (No NM fight involved this time). You will get a cutscene.

Talk to the gate guard again to receive rank 7 and 40,000 gil.

7-1 Prestige of the Papsque

The papsque has requested an adventurer of renown. Speak to His Holiness in the cathedral. His chambers lie upstairs.

After accepting the mission and talking to the Pope, travel to Bostauniex Oubliette with your alliance. It is up to you if you want to fight your way through or sneak. We fought through, but we ended up with a lot of AoE curse from Ghost-type monsters. Second map, E-10 is your destination.

Once you exit the Oubliette to West Ronfaure, be careful. You will have to fight up on that small Plateau. If you fall down, you will not be able to complete the mission unless you walk through the Oubliette again.

Touching the "???" will trigger an NM orc, type monk. It uses its two-hour, so it is wise to have a paladin with Invincible available. Damage dealers should also be careful and not pull the hate off the paladin, or they might go down quickly. Other than that, this fight is rather easy and can comfortably be done with about 10 people level 60 and above.

Go back and talk to Pope to complete the mission.
7-2 The Secret Weapon

Reports from Ghelsba indicate that the Orcs in Yughott Grotto are up to something. Investigate, but speak of this to no one.

After talking to the gate guard he will tell you to go to the Queen's Garden.
After the cutscene, go back to the gate guard to accept the mission.
Then travel to Horlais Peak with your party.
Only people who have accepted or completed the mission beforehand can enter the Burning Circle, people from other nations cannot help you on this mission.

Since this is a Burning Circle Fight, only 6 people are allowed to enter. The fight has no level cap. You will be faced with 5 opponents, two Warmachines and three regular Orcs.

Bard/Black Mage runs in and AoE-sleeps the orcs. The warmachines cannot be put to sleep, so take these out first. You will be left with a Paladin Orc (Darokbok of Clan Reaper), a Dragoon Orc and his wyvern (Derakbak of Clan Wolf) and a Ranger Orc (Jagidbod of Clan Reaper). All of these can and will use their two-hour ability. Invincible and Call Wyvern will not pose a problem, Eagle Eye Shot hit our dragoon for 1057 damage however.

We took the Paladin first, then the wyvern, then the Dragoon and then the Ranger. That order seemed to work pretty well.

I did this comfortably with a party ranging from 68 to 75, it may be hard to complete if your party is only in the 60-65 range. However, this is really about crowd control. If you are familiar with BCNM 40 fights, it should not pose a big problem.
After clearing the BC, go back to the gate guard to receive rank 8 and 60,000 gil.
8-1 Coming of Age

Princess Claidie will soon celebrate her coming-of-age, and the court in d'Oraguille needs help with the ceremonies. Speak to Monarlais Halver and offer your assistance.

You will need to trade in quite some stacks of crystals before you can accept this mission.
After talking to a gate guard and accepting the mission, pay Halver a visit in the Chateau, and you'll see a cutscene.
Halver tells you to go to Quicksand Caves to help the Princess with her ceremony.

Enter Quicksand Caves from Eastern Altepa Desert G-9.
Keep heading west, you'll eventually run into a dead end.
Take the path south right before the dead end and follow it till you get to a room.
There will be a sand trap at the end of the room, drop down here.
Right after dropping, orientate yourself left, then hug the left wall until you arrive in a room with Fountain of King.

Clear the room of mobs first, as touching the spring will pop two Kraken NMs, "Honor" and "Valor".
You can pull them one by one if the person who touches the Spring is sneaked.
Just pull them with ranged attack afterwards.

Valor primarily uses AoE Silence, so make sure to carry some echo drops on you.
Honor likes to use AoE paralyze, so a few whms or whm subs come in handy.

They don't have a lot of HP, so the fight should be quick, especially if fighters saved their TP while clearing out the room beforehand.

We did this with 8 people 69-75, but it was completely overkill.
2PTs 60-65 should do the trick, or 1PT of 68+.
Go back and talk to Halver to finish the mission.

You will have to wait about 10hours to accept 8-2.
zone into N. Sandoria for a cutscene after that.

8-2 Lightbringer

Royaulais Destin himself has summoned you for a vital mission. Seek audience with His Majesty Chateau d'Oraguille immediately.

Talk to your mission guard, if he doesn't list the mission "Lightbringer", you'll need to donate a few crystals.
Visit the King, you'll see a cutscene.
Afterwards, talk to Rahal, located at the Royal Knights' Quarters, to receive a key item.

Now you're set.
Travel to the Temple of Uggalepih, located in Yhoator Jungle. There are two ways you can go about this.
If you already have a Prelate Key in your alliance (it's a one-time use and opens a door you will need to pass through), you're set.
If you don't, however, don't bother with it. My alliance tried to get the key for about 4 hours (they drop off Tonberry Stabbers) without luck. There is a trick, though, which I will get to later.

Zone into Uggalepih from the main entrance. Once in, take the right path, follow it till you zone back to Yhoator. Keep going straight and you will zone to a different part of Uggalepih.

Keep going, follow the right wall, you will pass by a wooden gate. Shortly after, the road will split. Take the left way and clear the area, as you will need to fight the guardian doll NM. After clearing it, pass through the door.

Now this is where it gets interesting. If you have a Prelate Key on you, pass through the door right above your heads up the stairs. If you do not, advance through the room and up the stairs on the other side. Huddle up at the door and proceed to cast magic till a pot will aggro you through the door and open it in the process. Pass through quickly, but be careful as you may have to fight adds.

Keep south after passing through the door (in other words, take the right path) and follow the road till you see 4 doors on the left.

(If you used your Prelate Key on the other door, take the left part after passing through the door and the 4 doors will be on your right.)

Clear the area, then enter room 1, 2 and 4 (1 is closest to you, 4 farthest *if* you went in without Prelate Key, exactly the other way around if you went in with the key) and collect 3 key items from the "???" on the shelves.

Once everyone has collected the three items, touch the 3rd door. Note: This will trigger two Doll NMs, so do not spawn them before everyone is ready.

They can blow up, so make sure to keep Barfira on your party. They cannot be slept and it's a rather difficult battle compared to the previous one, so having 2-3 PTs lvl65+ is advised.

After the battle, everyone click on the third door. You will get a short cutscene saying you couldn't find Lightbringer here and that your investigation is over. Return to San d'Oria and report to King Destin.
Rank9 + 80,000 Gil.
9-1 Breaking Barriers

Darkness looms over San d'Oria. Report to the Audience Chamber in Chateau d'Oraguille for further details.

Head to the Chateau d'Oraguille and recieve your mission briefing.
After you have been told to collect the items creating the barrier around San d'Oria, head to Cape Terrigan and zone into Valley of Sorrows at the entrance guarded by Manticores and Cockatrice.
In Valley of Sorrows, head to (I-8) and examine the ??? to obtain the "Statue of Titan" Key Item.

After obtaining the first statue, teleport to Xarcabard. Walk to (H-7) and find the ??? hidden amongst the trees.
After obtaining the second statue, warp everyone back to Jeuno.

Proceed to the southern Batallia downs entrance and drop in the center hole in the southern room of The Eldieme Necropolis. This path will take you out to the Island in southern Batallia.
After exiting the necropolis, turn right and find the ??? located near the cliff's edge.
When the ??? is examined, 2 NMs will spawn.

Suparna and Suparna Fledgling are the NMs, start the fight by having a Red Mage cast gravity on the fledgling and take it for a walk while the PT concentrates on the Suparna. Suparna attacks fast and hits hard, and will use 2 hour skill "Mighty Strikes". When Suparna has died, take out the fledgling next, this NM is bard type but will use 2 hour skill "Benediction." The fledgling will die fast.

After defeating NMs, examine the ??? for a cutscene before obtaining "Statue of Leviathan" and heading back to San d'Oria.
9-2 The Heir to the Light

The Rites of Succession will be held at the cathedral in Northern San d'Oria. You are to report there for guard duty.

After attending the ceremony of succession, proceed to the Chateau d'Oraguille for mission breifing. After obtaining instructions from the King, go to Fei'Yen and enter Qu'Bia Arena.

Equipment: Each mage will want Yagudo Drinks to save MP, also Mages may want to take a few ethers and melees should take a few potions.

The first round of the battle will consist of 10 orcs and one orc machine. Have black mage cast Elemental Seal + Sleepga II on the horde. First target is the Orc Ranger, Yukvok of Clan Death. After defeating this orc, destroy the Orc machine next. After the first 2 villians have died, proceed to quickly eliminate the orcs one by one until all are dead. The remaining 9 orcs will be easy prey.

After the first round is cleared, Prince Trion enters the battle field. There will be 3 NM orcs:
Warlord Rojgnoj - PLD type Orc
Rognoj's Right Hand - DRK type Orc
Rognoj's Left Hand - BLM type Orc

Trion will go for one of these orcs randomly. Most of the time he will attack Rognoj's Left Hand first. Prince Trion is very stupid and will get himself killed easily, so make sure someone takes agro for the orc that Trion attacks. If Trion dies then the battle will be forfeit. A Red Mage can hold off the mob that Trion attacks, Paladin should get agro from the Warlord since he will not sleep. The remaining mob that Trion does not attack should be Sleep II. Invincible may need to be used to save Trion from the mobs.

After the orcs have died, return to North Sandoria
after you talk to the king head to King Ranperre's Tomb to where you fight 3 skeletons in previous mission
then go back to talk to the king to reclaim your reward.
Rank 10
100,000 gil
San d'Orian Flag
Title: San d'Orian Royal Heir

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